Thinking of Buying Used Tires?

What Motorists Need to Know Before They Purchase New & Used Care Tires

When your monthly household budget does not allow the purchase of new tires for your car, looking into a used set is an excellent alternative choice. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase good quality used tires if you know what to look for and what to ask questions about. You must primarily focus upon the level of tread a tire has, overall condition, and the price of each tire in the set.

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The tread any set of tires has is vital. Since new tires come with full and unblemished tread, many motorists give this aspect very little attention, other than considering the design the tread has. But, with used tires, you should focus less upon the design and more upon how much tread remains on each tire. Most municipalities have their own strict guidelines for the depth of tread they consider safe on roads. Understand what the depth is, and never settle for anything less.

In addition to ensuring there is enough tread, pay attention to the evenness wear and tear to the tread on every tire. Stay clear of tires where the tread is more at some places and thinner on others. Go for tires that the wear is even on the tread. You will be happier with the performance and the life of your tires than when purchasing tires that have uneven tread.

While some new & used car tires service will inform you it is okay to drive using tires that have different tread wear, never believe this. Your drive will be noticeably smoother, and the wear upon your tires will be more even if you purchase 4 tires which have the same wear tread pattern. Unless your budget is so tight that you have no other alternative but to buy odd treads, do yourself a huge favor, and ensure they all match in tread wear.

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